Friday, 25 November 2016

Today i'm going to talk about the change makers at my school.So what it is its a group of students finding different ways to change the world.Our first challange was to collect 1,000 cans for we scare hunger.We are helping with the WE schools for the weday program.And guess what my school raised 1,025 cans we went over our goal!our next charaty will be the Snowflake sale.What it is its when we bring stff that we don't want anymore that is well taken care of and donate it the we have a big sale we also are makeing rainbowloom and selling that to we are also selling raifki bracelets.Rafiki bracelets are made from mothers in Africa and everytime someone buys one $5.00 go to a girl in Africa for education.Did you know that rifiki means friend. I will try to keep you updated of the change makers I try to post every week.

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